How To Measure A Window

When measuring for an aluminum frame window you should measure from tip-to-tip of the exterior frame. When measuring for a vinyl frame window you should measure the interior opening which is referred to as the DLO “daylight opening” measurement.

Aluminum vs Vinyl

Aluminum framed windows are a tried & true product that have been used for many years in the residential construction industry. Aluminum windows have a reputation of withstanding the test of time when it comes to weather exposure and stability. Vinyl framed windows are considered to be a more energy efficient product option. It is well known among professionals that Vinyl windows are best used along coastal areas due to their high resistance against the salty air. Both products are very reliable and can accommodate single pane and double pane glass it varies between the customer’s personal preference.

Impact Windows vs Non-Impact Windows

Impact windows offer many beneficial features such as hurricane resistance, burglary deterrent, energy efficiency, and durability. Predominantly used in high wind zones the listed options provide the safety and security our customer’s desire. Non-impact windows are a standard window that also offer energy efficiency and cost savings. Non-impact windows are predominantly used in low wind zone areas.


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